Windows 10 To Arrive With Lighter Web Browser: Spartan

One of the more interesting parts of Windows 10 is the Internet Browser built into Windows 10. Not a lot has been noted about it, but rumors about a lighter browser have been circulating as of late. Rumors on Monday circulated again, and this new lighter browser named Spartan sounds real this time.

One of the leading Microsoft bloggers, Mary Jo Foley, came out with this scoop on Monday, and all the Microsoft sites have been buzzing about it. A lighter weight browser could complement Internet Explorer 11, and could be geared towards specific apps and features that will be shown soon.

Microsoft Could Present Spartan Browser For Windows 10 Us

Spartan Browser

The new browser that is being discussed for Windows 10, is an all new browser according to rumors and is very real. It’s not the next version of Internet Explorer, but a new browser built for Windows 10. It’s still going to have the common features of a web browser, but be lighter weight and more robust.

The techincal details about the lighter weight browser are still rumors, but many of the rumors show that the Chakra JavaScript engine will still power the browser. It won’t be run on WebKit, and is built from the scratch from Microsoft. There might be multiple versions of the browser to test, with one coming out at launch.

Spartan Codenamed For New Browser For Windows 10, Not The Movie

Windows 10 With Both Browsers

Many rumors point to Windows 10 shipping with both the traditional Internet Explorer, and this Spartan browser. It could be used for desktops, tablets, and phones, and its a very interesting concept being played around from Microsoft. It could be quicker that Internet Explorer and do more, but lighter in the tech sense of bits.

Microsoft is expected to show off Windows 10 in January during a consumer preview event, but it’s not certain if they will show it off then. January 21st is right around the corner, and if they do show it off, it means that Spartan is definitely real. It could be part of a larger mobile browser as well for Android and iOS according to reports as well.

Spartan is an interesting browser concept. No one has seen it yet, but Microsoft rumors are buzzing with Spartan fever.

Published: Saturday, February 21st, 2015 Last Modified: February 21, 2015

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