Windows 10 Technical Preview Introduced For Phones

One of the more interesting ideas behind Windows 10, is the idea that the Windows 10 kernel will be the same on the desktop and the phone. Much hasn’t been heard about the phone release until now. On Thursday, Microsoft announced the first build of Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones.

The first build of Windows 10 Technical Preview on phones, has now arrived exclusively for Windows Insiders. The Windows Insiders program is meant for those looking to try out the early releases of Windows 10 before its official release. This new phone release is a departure even for Microsoft.

Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones

How To Get It

To get the Windows 10 Technical Preview for your Windows Phone, you must sign up for the Windows 10 Insider Program. This program will ensure that updated releases of the beta are rolled out to you, and that you have access to these downloads. Once registered, you then need to register the device to receive those builds.

Once registered, builds come automatically to the phone as ready. Feedback is available to Microsoft’s engineers via the feedback app. The updates will continue to roll out to users, up until the final build is ready for all to consume. Users can roll back the phone at anytime, if they find it too buggy.

Microsoft Gives Windows Phone Users A Chance To Try Windows 10

What’s Inside

With the new operating system, a number of new items has been introduced to users. First, full size background images for the start screen are now available. More quick actions in the action center are available, and particularly up to three rows in Windows 10. Interactive notifications are now interactive.

Additionally, there is significantly enhanced speech to text capability, and this will allow users to talk to any data field on the phone. A new more powerful photos app is also included in the build, and this will show local photos and OneDrive photos. This set of updates is available now to Windows Insiders.

If you take risks, try it out. It’s meant for adventurists, so be careful when installing Windows 10 on phones.

Published: Friday, February 13th, 2015 Last Modified: February 13, 2015

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