Windows 10 Technical Preview Arrives Ahead Of Time’

With the arrival of Windows 10 this week, Microsoft initially set out a goal to update its technical preview for the upcoming weeks. This news left those who follow Microsoft and this latest version of Windows very anxious. On Friday, it arrived early and is available to download.

Microsoft on Friday released the latest update for Windows 10 via its Windows Insider program. This update gives users almost everything that they saw during this weeks Windows 10 presentation, and gives them a number of updates to try on their test systems this weekend.

Microsoft Updates Windows 10 Preview With Start Menu Improvements

What’s Inside?

This latest Windows 10 build, named build 9926, is the latest Windows 10 build from Microsoft. The update will arrive overnight for many users, and will automatically download for those who are plugged into the Windows Insider program. Users can also click update and recovery if they want to jump the schedule.

Inside this latest build, testers will find all the latest Windows 10 goodies. They include the Cortana update on the desktop, the revamped and redone Start menu, audio and video connectivity improvements, the beta of the new Windows Store, and a new set of apps for users to try out and explore.

Microsoft's Latest Windows 10 Build Lets Users Control Build Update Schedule

More About The New Updates

Cortana on the desktop will be the biggest update, as users can now say “Hey Cortana”, and they can then use the services. Users can manage Cortana’s notebooks, add interests from Bing, and add other information for daily usage. This will be the first rollout of Cortana on the desktop for many.

Full screen experiences with the start menu, and personalization features await users when they start the start menu. Users can broadcast audio and video easier using Bluetooth and Miracast as well. The new Windows Store is still a work in progress, and the apps inside with certainly get userws happy.

This latest version of Windows 10 is nice. I’ve installed it and it works very flawlessly.

Published: Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 Last Modified: January 27, 2015

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