Windows 10 Release Gets Unified Music Experience

The Windows 10 updates continue to come across the web from Microsoft, and as they do, Microsoft is continuing to test out things for users. On Friday, Microsoft announced the latest addition, a unified music page in the Store beta. It can be accessed if you are in the Windows 10 Insider program only though.

The latest addition of the unified music store is available for those running Build 10130, and version 3.6.1068.0 of the music app, according to a blog post on Microsoft’s Windows page. With this, users can see the latest additions, and see how the music experience will roll out with Windows 10.

Microsoft Updates Windows 10 Music App On Store Beta

Inside The Music Store Beta

With the latest Music page in the Store Beta, users can go to the music page, and browse new albums, top songs, browse music by genre, and purchase music that users wish to purchase. Users who have the Xbox Music Pass can add music to their collection within the Music app as well, a nice addition.

Users who wish to purchase songs and albums will need to do it via the Store Beta for now. It’s being regarded as an unfinished beta still, and has a number of beta issues around it. Music will not download automatically as of now, so Microsoft is encouraging users to launch the music app for that to work.

Microsoft Makes Music A Main Thing With Windows 10 Update To Preview Build

Where and When Available

Microsoft is making the latest music store beta additions available in the US, Canada, Ireland the United Kingdon, Australia, and New Zealand. It’s still being fine tuned, and the final release is scheduled when Windows 10 launches on July 29. It’s not being considered a preview, but a beta of what is to come.

Users who launch the music and video apps will get the new apps, and the preview apps will be removed when the final versions become available. Microsoft is courting feedback of the music app via their Insider program, and the Windows Feedback app. Either way, it’s a big addition to the Windows 10 beta.

Windows 10 gets better today with the music app. I’ve tried it, and it works very nicely.

Published: Saturday, June 6th, 2015 Last Modified: June 6, 2015

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