Windows 10 Reaches 200 Million Devices

Ever since the release of Windows 10, the momentum of the operating system has been incredible, with the numbers hitting higher every quarter. On Monday, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 has reached 200 million devices.

The announcement by Microsoft stated that the 200 million devices figure includes non-PC devices, like the Xbox One. They had expected a new milestone number by January, so its right on path with the expectations from the company.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Reaches 200 Million Devices

Growing By Leaps

Microsoft first started out by announcing that Windows 10 started at 75 million devices, then grew to a now 200 million devices. That announcement was in August, and now in January, is a huge increase of users accepting Windows 10.

Windows 10 now is on a number of devices and overall platforms. It includes new Lumias, Xbox one via Windows 10, The Internet Of Things, and much more. With over 31 million people per month adapting to it, its growing faster than expected.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Reaches 10% Marketshare

10% Marketshare

The announcement from Net Applications on Monday, goes along with the numbers released from Microsoft. Net Applications stated that is passed over 200 million devices, and is on track for over a billion devices in the next few years.

Net Applications shosws 9.96 percent of users are using Windows 10 now, with Windows 7 at 55.68 percent. Other Windows operating systems filled the report inlcuding Vista, and XP, which is still at a remarkable 10.93 percent.

This is huge news for Windows 10. Users are loving it, and it’s getting bigger by the quarter.

Published: Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 Last Modified: January 5, 2016

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