Windows 10 Not Windows 9 Gets Announced

At a much anticipated event in San Francisco, the much rumored Windows 9 was set to take stage, in front of a small press and analyst event. What resulted, was the announcement of Windows 10, which is scheduled to be released sometime next year, featuring a number of revolutionary upgrades for all users to enjoy.

The new naming of Windows 10 definitely through the press and analyst for a shock, since the rumor mill had been hinting about Windows 9 and Threshold for sometime. While it was a sneak peek, and rough versions of the future release, it is a new look at Windows, and feature one Windows OS for all devices.

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 In San Francisco Press Reveal

What is Windows 10?

Microsoft described Windows 10 as a new generation of Windows, and it unlocks new experiences for customers to work, play, and connect. It is built for the consumer and enterprise customer in mind, and runs on almost any device imaginable, which will please OEM partners of Microsoft. New platforms can be adjusted, and this gives enterprise customers a new version of Windows to look forward to.

Microsoft also announced the debut of the Windows Insider Program, which will launch on Wednesday. The purpose of the Windows Insider Club, is to give technical experts and IT pros early access to the technical preview of Windows 10. It will be available for laptops and desktops, and be buggy, but gives users a taste of the future of Windows 10 on their devices.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore Runs Windows 10 Event

Should You Join The Insider Program?

If you are thet type of person who likes to run stable and bug free software, then the Windows Insider Program is not for you. It is meant for very early adopters, who want to run Windows 10 on a spare machine, or a system that they want to test their systems upon. Other experts might also run Windows 10 in a virtual environment to see how it works with other programs.

The Windows Insider Program according to Microsoft is meant for users and IT pros who are comfortable in pre-release software and features updated builds as they come along. While many want to jump ship, this early version of Windows 10 is only designed for experts in mind, and Microsoft strongly suggests that.

We are glad to see Windows 10 get announced. It’s not Windows 9 or Threshhold but its a start.

Published: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 Last Modified: October 1, 2014

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