Windows 10 Next Big Update Due In November

Since Windows 10 was launched, the company has tweaked it some, and given users slight updates which have helped the new OS. On Wednesday, news about the newest big update was leaked, giving November the date of the newest big update.

The update of early November has been talked about in a number of press reports, and discussed by Microsoft experts. It’s expected to come out during the first week of November, and has already been tested by Windows Insiders already.

Microsoft To Bring Windows 10 Fall Update In November To Users

Inside The Update

With the newest Windows 10 update, Microsoft is expected to release a number of new things, including UI changes that didn’t make it into the final release. These include colored title bars and better context menus.

Additionally, an extra column of live tiles for the Start Menu will be introduced. Lastly, the newest Messaging and Skype Video apps will be installed. This will give integrated video calling and a unified messaging platform to Windows 10.

Microsoft Details Fall Update With Version 1511

No Edge Update Planned

With the next Windows 10 update, Microsoft is not expecting to give users a new Edge Browser. There wasn’t enough time to get this in, and Microsoft is expecting to give users this Edge update early next year.

This new update will be called the Windows 10 Fall Update, and a Cortana update will also be surprisingly included. This will allow users to send texts from a PC with a Windows 10 Mobile device, and should be new to Windows.

The next Windows 10 update will arrive soon. Insiders have given it a thumbs up, and it should arrive soon for others.

Published: Friday, October 23rd, 2015 Last Modified: October 23, 2015

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