Windows 10 Mobile Gets Office and Xbox Apps

Windows 10 Mobile is the next generation of Windows operating systems for phones and tablets. It hasn’t gotten the number of updates that the desktop preview has, but the Windows 10 Mobile platform is looking better. On Thursday, Microsoft issued another update, now with more apps.

The Windows 10 Mobile build is the third update in the build cycle for users. The first didn’t include many phones to try it on, and the second featured most of them. This third build includes a number of apps, and also includes additional support for the phones that were left out before.

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080 To Users

Additional Phone Support

This third version of Windows 10 Mobile now includes support for the Lumia Icon 930, the Lumia 640/640XL, and the HTC One M8 for Windows. These didn’t come along with the second version of Windows 10 Mobile when it launched last month, and Microsoft stated that they needed additional time for the support.

Now, users can download and install with Windows 10 mobile operating system along side their Windows 8.1 systems on their phones. It doesn’t come with the advanced phone features yet, but Lumia camera support will be coming later this year. Open issues include one that prevents MMS messages from being supported, in forum posts noted today.

Microsoft Gives Windows 10 Mobile Support For Lumia 930 and More Phones

More Apps Included

Users will notice that the Windows Store, and the ability to download the universal Office apps to their phones. These include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. These are going to be hugely popular for users, and are free to try out and use. They come with mixed reviews so far from online users.

Additionally, the Xbox app from Windows 10 desktop comes to Windows 10 Mobile. Users will now be able to see activity feeds, achievements, friends list, activity alerts, messages, DVR clips, and the ability to connect to the Xbox One. These are all big updates, and ones worth trying if you dare.

Windows 10 Mobile version 3 is here. Download it and let us know your thoughts.

Published: Friday, May 15th, 2015 Last Modified: May 15, 2015

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