Windows 10 Matrix Theme 2019

We have updated out Matrix Windows 10 theme with a new Start button. If you want a moving, animated Matrix Wallpaper, a dual-screen Matrix screensaver, an EMP Start button and Matrix desktop icons, download this special Matrix theme for Windows!

Windows 7 Matrix  Theme

Moving, Animated Matrix Wallpaper

How does this work? Thanks to Windows DreamScene, you can have an animated Matrix Wallpaper. Attached to the Windows 7 theme is a tutorial that will teach you how to enable and activate Dream Scene in Windows 7. You can also read the tutorial here: How to use/activate Dreamscene in Windows 7

Matrix Screensaver for Windows 7

Matrix EMP Start Button

What do I need for this stylish Start button? Answer: Not much, simply read our guide on installing Start buttons

For this theme, I created a rather special Start Orb. It’s the Matrix EMP. It looks a lot better on a real desktop.
Matrix Start Button

Matrix Desktop Icons

Some of the best Matrix desktop icons:
Matrix Desktop icons

Matrix Dual-Screen Screensaver

Remember the Matrix Windows 7 Screensaver? (Disclaimer: From MeticulousSoftware)

Want to see my dual-screen setup? Here we go, a really awesome dual-monitor screensaver:
Matrix Dual-Screen Screensaver

Download Windows 7 Matrix Theme

So, if you want all of the goodies above, you can download this special Windows 7 Matrix theme from us. You can get this for free below:

Windows 7 Matrix Theme

Download Matrix Windows 7 Theme

Published: Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 Last Modified: March 13, 2019

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