Windows 10 Mail & Calendar Apps Get February 2017 Refresh

If you’ve been using Windows 10 since the launch, you know that Microsoft constantly updates the main apps within Windows. This month though, Microsoft has issued major updates to the Mail and Calendar apps, making both more functional to use.

In their Windows post, Microsoft has detailed the latest updates coming to the Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10. The new updates and improvements will be rolling out to the next few weeks, and should provide useful for users.

Microsoft Updates Windows 10 Mail App With Focused Inbox

Focused Inbox and Mentions

The first thing mentioned in Microsoft’s post was the attention being given to the focused inbox. Users will now be able to turn on or off a focused inbox, and that will let them focus on emails that are important to them versus others they receive.

Second, mentions are being added to the Mail app in Windows 10. With the update, users can add the @ symbol anywhere in the body of an email, and it will bring up the frequent contacts and their directory. Pick the person and start emailing them right away.

Microsoft Makes Calendar App Advanced With Feb 17 Update

Calendar Updates Coming

With its Windows 10 Calendar app, Microsoft is now introducing a Interesting Calendars feature. This calendar will be powered by Bing, and you can include TV schedules, sports teams’ schedules, and other calendars for your viewing.

Along with the alternative calendar, you can add travel reservations and package deliveries to calendars with new summary cards. Simply add the info and it will be added. Users will also see updates to location suggestions, emoji updates, and Windows 10 People searches updated with the Calendar updates coming soon.

The Mail & Calendar updates for Windows 10 should arrive by months end for users. It will make both apps a lot more useful and that is a plus for everyone on Windows 10.

Published: Monday, February 27th, 2017 Last Modified: February 27, 2017

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