Windows 10 Installer Arriving With Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Updates

As Windows 10 makes its way across the release highway, Microsoft is prepping to come up with great ways to introduce Windows 10 to users of previous versions of Windows. On Monday, Microsoft released an optional update, that should give users a way to install Windows 10 when its released.

The optional update made its way through the Microsoft update system on Monday, and its described as something that “enables additional capabilities for Windows Update Notifications when new updates are available to the user”. Well, this is actually more than what is described.

Microsoft's First Version Of A Windows 10 Installer Gets Noticed In Public

What’S Inside The Update?

The Windows Update KB3035583 acts like any other update, and its main purpose is to make the user aware of any future Windows updates down the pipeline. It’s listed as a recommended update, but requires manual work of a check mark to make sure that the users wants to download it.

But, as the download is installed, experts have shown that the update actually has a number of files inside a folder named “GWX” and contains EXE files. One of those files under the description states “Download Windows 10”. This is the first instance of a Windows 10 installer making its public view.

Microsoft's XML Code Might Be Complicated But Shows Plans For Windows 10 Installations

Deeper Inside The Windows 10 Update

Users who look deeper inside the Windows 10 updater from Microsoft are taking extra deep looks at it. It has a config.xml that lists several URL’s for the download, which don’t work currently. It also has phases described in the outlook, a reservation section, and other sections as well.

This will certainly make it easier to download Windows 10 with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 machines. This automatic downloader will be installed on machines early on, and hopefully make the Windows 10 download smooth and easy. It’s still an early preview, but it looks pretty interesting at least.

Windows 10 arrives soon and this updater is interesting. Microsoft usually doesn’t show their code early, but this update gives a glimpse in what is coming.

Published: Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 Last Modified: April 7, 2015

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