Windows 10 Gets Windows Hello With Token

Windows Hello is certainly one of the most interesting aspects of security and biometric features in Windows 10. It works with fingerprints and facial recognition, but Microsoft has let the info about a new Token ring coming to Windows 10

Token is a brand new biometric ring that is scheduled to be released later in 2017, and it makes logging into your Windows 10 PC easier than ever. It sounds interesting, but has a $250 price attached to the login device.

Windows Hello Gets Token Ring Biometric Device For Windows 10

What Is Token?

Token is a ring, made to make transactions and computer systems as secure as ever. It stores the credientials on a EAL5+ certified secure element, and that keeps everything safer than ever before.

All the user has to do, is scan the fingerprint when they put on the Token ring, and it activates your credientials when you put it on. It locks the credentials when you take it off, and makes the scary thing about losing a ring a little more interesting.

Login To Windows 10 Devices Securely Using Token Ring

Will It Work?

Token has a 2 week battery life attached to it, is waterproof, comes in 7 ring sizes, features Bluetooth, and connects via NFC. Token works with all the global credit card companies, and has large investors like Bloomberg BETA and others backing the ring.

Windows Hello is something that works very well, and could work very well with Token. The fingerprint is stored within the ring, so it stays with the user at all times. It also acts as a two factor authentication, with the biometric fingerprint and the actual ring. Both of which could lead to greater security overall.

The Token Ring is $249, and available via presale at It’s an interesting Windows 10 Hello device, and something to keep on the radar when its released in December 2017.

Published: Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 Last Modified: July 2, 2017

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