Windows 10 Gets Official Release Date and Pricing

A lot of speculation over the weekend was pointed at Windows 10 from Microsoft, with leaked pricing and SKU’s. On Monday, Microsoft took the veil off the curtain, and announced the official release dates of Windows 10, and came out with pricing for upgrades and purchases of Windows 10.

In several blog posts on Monday, Microsoft detailed the release date of Windows 10, which is scheduled for the end of July. While Windows 10 will be a free update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, upgraders and users looking to purchase it at full retail will have to come up with cash.

Microsoft Gives Windows 10 Its Debut On July 29th

Windows 10 Releases On July 29

Microsoft is making its release for consumers and enterprise users on July 29th. As announced by Terry Myerson on Monday, the four million Windows Insiders and continual feedback made this happen. With Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Office on Windows, Xbox Live, and new apps, it should be an instant hit.

Microsoft is making the product available on July 29th, and is available as a free upgrade for users. Users can reserve their free Windows 10 upgrade via a simple reservation process that is available starting today. Users can look in their system tray on the bottom of the screen for additional details on that upgrade.

Microsoft Makes Pricing For Full Editions Of WIndows 10 Offiical On Monday

Windows 10 New License Pricing

As we talked about in an early post, Microsoft has been quiet about new user pricing for Windows 10. Newegg over the weekend broke news about the SKU’s and pricing, but Microsoft was quiet on the manner. That was until Monday, when Microsoft confirmed the pricing for Windows 10 for new users.

Windows 10 will cost $119 for Windows 10 Home and $199 For Windows 10 Pro. Users wanting to upgrade from Home to Pro will cost $99 as well. It will come free to those with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, but those who build systems or want to purchase another copy will have to pay these prices.

Windows 10 is approaching soon and under 60 days. We will have more about it when it becomes live as well.

Published: Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 Last Modified: June 2, 2015

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