Windows 10 Gets Notification Tray

When the initial build of Windows 10 came out to developers and testers, the inital build amazed many, but was only the beginning for Windows 10. The second build as released only a few weeks after, brought users a new notification tray, which like Apple’s iOS, gives users a new way to see notifications on their desktop.

The idea of a notification tray isn’t something that only mobile phones have, as Apple has introduced it within their OS operating systems. But for Windows, the idea of a notification area or tray is brand new, and one worth taking a close glance at, and one that will only improve.

Microsoft Shows Off New Notification Tray In Windows 10 Build

What’s In The App Tray

Many had seen sneak previews of the Windows notification tray or action center in screen shot releases, but it wasn’t until the second build of Windows 10, that users could see it in action. It is being called the Action Center in the initial builds from Microsoft, and is only the first part of its rollout into the whole Windows 10 experience.

Microsoft has called this Action Center the main hub for alerts, and the area where apps will be alerted when installed on Windows 10. The alerts will surface when desktop and Windows Store apps are installed, and they are sorted in chronological order. So if multiple apps are installed in one session, they will be sorted by install date.

Microsoft's Initial Notification Bar Gets True Verdict In Windows 10 Build

Future Seen For Action Center

One thing that Microsoft has stated about the Action Center, is that the initial builds are only a preview of much more ahead for the area. The goal, according to Microsoft, is to build this area into a full blown notification center for apps, shortcuts, email alerts, and much more. It’s also going to have quicker alerts and a much cleaner UI than what is currently installed.

The idea of an Alert Center or Notification bar makes sense on Windows 10. With tons of apps running at the same time, getting an alert about a new email, a new app, or new alert would help the user in the long run. How this is rolled out in the final Windows 10 version is unknown, but it makes for an exciting part of Windows 10.

The idea of a Windows 10 Notification Bar is interesting. It helps users and gives them alerts on new apps, all good in our minds.

Published: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 Last Modified: November 26, 2014

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