Windows 10 Gets New Paint App Coming Soon

A lot of leaks recently have pointed to a revamped Microsoft Paint app coming with the Redstone update coming soon. The new Paint app in its leaked images have pointed to a brand new vision from Microsoft and makes Paint a fun app to want.

Microsoft’s standard Paint app has been included in every version of Windows since the beginning, and is a standard app that many have used. The newest updates though take advantage of 3D art, advanced editing tricks, and makes Paint something fun.

Leaks Of New Microsoft Paint Updates For Windows 10 Emerge=

The New Microsoft Paint

While the official release date of the new Microsoft Paint app is sometime away, lots of images have been leaked about it. The updated app is scheduled to be a Universal Windows app, and will feature a new user interface and features.

The updates to Microsoft Paint will make it finger and pen friendly, and all of the traditional features will be in place of the prior versions. It will work in 3D, and allow images and work to be worked on from multiple viewing angles.

Newest Paint Versions Make Microsoft Paint Shine On Windows 10

Coming Soon

While all the images and features have been leaked to various sources in advance, Microsoft has made no official comment about the Microsoft Paint udpates. It is scheduled for RedStone 2, but development of the app is coming fast and quickly.

As programs from Adobe and Google take on the aspect of image editing on Windows machines, Microsoft is seeing where updating a core app can make a huge difference. Updating Paint makes sense, and the newest updates make Paint a featured app to enjoy on Surface machines and more.

The new Paint app is coming and should be available with the Redstone 2 updates. It’s a new vision with the app, and is a bold vision from Microsoft coming soon.

Published: Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 Last Modified: October 12, 2016

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