Windows 10 Gets Battery Sense With Update

Since Windows 10 can be used on desktop and tablet devices, managing data on these devices while on the road makes sense. With the latest version of Windows 10 on the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft showed off a battery and data sense update, making managing data easier while on the go.

Both of these sense updates are made for mobile devices on Windows 10, as those who will be operating them at home won’t need this option. But, mobile phones with Windows 10 and tablets or laptops with mobile connections can make use of these updates, as Microsoft continually updates Windows 10 builds for users.

Microsoft Debuts DataSense In Windows 10 Build

Windows 10 Battery Saver

With the addition of the Battery Saver option in Windows 10, mobile devices will get the best possible performance with their battery. What this feature does, is limit the background activity of the device, and turn it on when the users sets up a certain percentage, for example 20% on their device.

By allowing the user to extend the battery to the best performance, it allows the Windows 10 mobile user able to use it on the road longer. It’s something that has been tested internally at Microsoft for sometime, and is a brand new feature in Windows 10, and one that mobile users will be excited by Microsoft hopes.

Microsoft Debuts Battery Saver Option With Windows 10 Build

Windows 10 Data Sense

The other part of the sense update was the addition of data sense to Windows 10. For users who tether their mobile account or have limited data accounts, this will allow background data to be limited when running. It will allow only the data that needs to be transmitted to be done, and saves the background data for another time.

User with the data sense option, will see the 3 different areas of configuration for them. They will see an overview, usage, and settings options. These can all be configured as they see fit, and will hopefully give Windows 10 devices more power on the road as they need it. These two sense updates are still early in production, and still being tested internally so they won’t work all the time.

Mobile users for Windows 10 are important. Managing data is important as well, and now they can do that with Windows 10.

Published: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 Last Modified: November 26, 2014

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