Windows 10 Gets 5 Percent Marketshare Already

Windows 10 hasn’t been out for too long, but it has gotten a ton of downloads from users all around the world. The free upgrade and people eager to download it, simply stunned many. Now, news on Tuesday points to Windows 10 gaining a 5 percent marketshare in just a month.

The new numbers released from Net Applications, shows that users are quickly downloading Windows 10 and installing it on their devices. These include personal computers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and other devices. It is a runaway success for Microsoft.

Microsoft Turns Windows 10 Into A Dominating Leader

Windows 10 Takes Charge

In the net applications numbers, Windows 10 went from 0.39 percent in July to 5.21 percent in August, which is amazing. This is the fastest growth that many analysts have seen for an operating system, and shows analysts that Windows 10 was deeply needed for a number of users.

Windows 10 has taken over Windows 8 which currently has a 2.56 percent marketshare, and Windows 8.1 at 11.39 percent. These two combine for around 14 percent overall in the market, and Windows 10 could easily take over Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 within a year.

Microsoft Shows Windows 10 Works With Expanding Lead

Other Windows OS Numbers

Net applications runs numbers for all Windows OS versions, and those numbers are interesting as well. Windows Vista is at 1.82 percent, Windows XP is at 12.14 percent, and these are interesting numbers considering the age and the longevity of these legacy operating systems from Microsoft.

The good news for Microsoft is the overall picture. Net applications shows that Windows is used in 90.84 percent of systems, with OS X at 7.53 percent, and Linux at 1.63 percent. Windows is still the dominant system in the world, and Windows 10 clearly has extended that lead overall for Microsoft.

I love Windows 10 and installed it right away. Grab the free download today, and support Windows and Microsoft’s best OS yet.

Published: Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 Last Modified: September 3, 2015

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