Windows 10 Get New Animations

In the daily use of Windows, lots of times a simple addition to an operating system can be a positive thing. Windows for the longest period of time has had the same set of animations and sounds, and left users without any fun stuff inside to look forward to. In a latest build of Windows 10, a new animation has been found.

The newest animation in the latest build of Windows will give users a little something to look forward to in their daily activities. It’s something minor, but with all the changes inside Windows 10, all changes are noted for their importance, and this animation change can be seen as good.

Microsoft Gives Animation Upgrades To Windows 10

Animation Change Popping With Windows

When developers and testers in the latest build of Windows were testing it, they found a new animation when they were opening Windows. The new animations actually take place when a user opens and closes Windows. It’s more of a minor thing, but lots of programming takes place to make this happen for users.

The new animation can be seen in a Youtube clip posted online, and it went from a minor change to more of a major thing. It pops when a user opens up a window, and then goes away when they close that Window. It’s something new and something to look forward to in the newer builds of Windows 10.

Microsoft Gives Windows New Animations and Pops In Latest Windows 10 Build

Animation Matters

In the early days of Windows, no animation sounds were heard and the latest versions of Windows 10 totally take advantage of the processing power and programming that they have given the latest operating system. The previous animations were more of a fade that testers noted, but in the later builds it has grown to be more promenant.

It sort of mimics the patterns of Mac OS in its ways, as Macintosh computers give users more pops and whistles in their window openings and closings. This latest change will give users a little something extra in their window opening and closings, and its surely eye candy for those who use Windows daily.

Yeah, animation maybe simple but it works. With Windows 10, it matters a lot.

Published: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 Last Modified: November 26, 2014

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