Windows 10 Arrives On Machines Just In Case

When the Windows 10 program arrived for users, users were given the choice to download Windows 10 when available. The downloads have gone reliably well, and with good reports. On Friday, news about Microsoft’s downloading to machines without opt-in caused news.

Initially, users needed to confirm whether or not they wanted Windows 10 via an opt-in process, and via that process the download would start and be download. Friday, Microsoft confirmed that this wasn’t the case, and is downloading to users anyway.

Microsoft Campus Formulating Windows 10 Downloads To Users Without Opt-In

Windows 10 Downloading

The report started as a reader to a tech blog noticed that their non-reserved copy of Windows 10 started to download to the ~BT folder, and that is where Microsoft has decided to download Windows 10 for many. But, this download started without the reader wanting Windows 10.

This reader among others noticed this and on Friday, Microsoft confirmed that they started downloading it with automatic updates, and are getting users ready in case they update. They stated that when they decide to then update, the files will be ready for them versus downloading them later.

Microsoft Starts Auto Downloading Of Windows 10 To Machines=

Metered Downloads and Limited Space Issues

Where this automatic downloading fails, is where users have metered Internet connections, or limited space on their machines. Users can find that large chunks of downloads have taken place that put them over their max, or have run out of storage space on their machines.

Microsoft has made no other comments about this Windows 10 automatic download, other than the original comment noted earlier. It’s more of a sneaky way to download Windows 10 to users, and is questionable in ethics. Either way, Windows 10 is kind of being forced on users this way.

Users should have the option to download Windows 10 or not. This way, Microsoft is taking the choice away from them, and that is wrong.

Published: Monday, September 14th, 2015 Last Modified: September 14, 2015

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