Windows 10 And Security Gets Personal With Nadella

One thing that Microsoft has said since the launch of Windows 10, is that the operating system is one of the most secure ever. With the new Internet Security software programs and updates, some might differ. On Wednesday, Satya Nadella took them on.

Satya Nadella took on the enterprise security concerns of Windows 10, during a cyber-themed security event in Washington DC. Microsoft answered some of its critics during this event, and Microsoft’s CEO addressed security questions about Windows 10.

Microsoft's Satya Nadella Discusses Windows 10 Security

Billions Spent With Trust In Mind

Satya Nadella stated that Microsoft has spent billions of R&D dollars into building security into in its products, and security isn’t a separate piece of technology. He said that Windows 10 is integral to the future of the company and is eager to keep its users safe.

The bigger part though is trust, and that is with users and the enterprise customers. Nadella stated that they need to build the platform, complement the platform, and build a intelligence fabric to work with other services to protect users.

Microsoft's Julie White Discusses Windows 10 Security Features During Enterprise Conference

Windows 10 Features Shown Off

During the security conference, Windows Julia White showed off some Windows 10 themed features, which included Device Guard, credential guard, and the ability to block off cut-and-paste options at identity level from apps.

With this conference, Nadella pointed out that Windows 10 is ready to roll out into the enterprise, and great core technologies. Windows Defender has been updated in late as well, making Windows 10 a very secure operating system for individuals and enterprises.

Internet Security is a concern at all levels. But with Windows 10, it might be more secure than ever, according to Microsoft.

Published: Thursday, November 19th, 2015 Last Modified: November 19, 2015

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