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Do I really have to explain what WindowBlinds is? Most people will know that it’s the best utility for windows themes. Stardock’s WindowBlinds is probably one of the biggest sources for Windows XP, Vista and soon Windows 7 themes. Many of the best themes that you will find online are for WindowBlinds. Without it you can’t apply them.

Object Desktop

WindowBlinds 7 is in beta now and will support Windows 7.

WindowsBlinds 7 Beta

Let’s take a look what they added to the latest beta edition of Windows Blinds:

1. XP toolbar & animations settings are back in the UI. They are under Settings now
2. On Vista the sidebar skin settings are back in the UI. Also under Settings.
3. Explorer backgrounds tab has been added to the UI. This will show on XP, Vista AND Windows 7.
4. New Textures tab added to the UI.
5. Support for enlarged menus on Vista / 7
6. Some additional skin sections added for Vista / 7 including new shadow sections.
7. The fixes for the start button clipping on multiple monitor Win7 boxes are in this build.
8. The old WB UI has a bigger button for the new UI and says Beta 2 rather than Beta 1.
9. You can drag wallpapers to the large preview area and it will copy them into the wallpapers folder off WB skins as it used to in WB6. Note that its the large preview area and NOT the list itself.

A lot of great things like Explorer backgrounds and enlarged menus have been added. You can customize basically anything using WindowBlinds, it’s much more than just a tool to apply themes.

Let’s see what else you can do with WindowBlinds:

You can add your own textures to the start menu and other desktop objects.

Download WindowBlinds for Windows 7

Currently only ObjectDesktop subscribers have access to the beta, but it will be released soon. If you want to get it now, you should first watch this video to find out more about ObjectDock:

ObjectDock is basically a package of several utilities all in one. It includes WindowBlinds, IconPackager (tons of icons), DeskScapes (animated wallpaper), MyColors, etc.

You can get ObjectDesktop here:

Download ObjectDesktop

If you have some spare money laying around you should definitely grab it. I’ve been an ObjectDesktop subscriber for a while now, because they really have a lot of themes all in one place and you don’t have to spend so much time looking for some good themes.

After you bought ObjectDesktop, you can download WindowBlinds 7 from Impulse (which you can compare with Steam):
Download Impulse

Published: Sunday, September 27th, 2009 Last Modified: April 10, 2011

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