Win a copy of Windows 7!

Did you know that Windows is on Twitter as well? Well, for every 2000 new followers they will give away one copy of Windows 7 to one of their followers. Their aim is to get 77,777 followers.

MSWindows @ Twitter

You can also win a lot of other prizes, including pizza! Yum, Yum, get me one ;)

Here’s the list of contest rules and prizes:
Download PDF Windows 7 Contest

Contest Prizes


From time to time, Sponsor will conduct a Sweepstakes by inviting visitors to respond to a prompt via a social media site. The prompt, the social media site and winner determination may be unique to each Sweepstakes, and will be described on []. For example, the invitation could state “Share a Windows 7 tip. Be the first person to respond via a “tweet” to @MSWindows with the #Win7tip tag to win a Windows branded backpack.”

Contest Rules:

Unfortunately, this is a US-only contest :<
Too bad many of us can’t participate. Hopefully Microsoft will do a similar contest for Europe and other continents! Contest

Because many of you will be sad to hear that they can’t enter this contest, I will make a contest for all people.

I’ll be giving away a copy of the Ultimate Windows 7 eBook and 1000 fonts for every 77 new subscriber until we reach 7,777 subscribers.


Who knows, mabye I’ll be giving some stuff on Twitter too, so make sure to follow me there too!
Published: Sunday, September 27th, 2009 Last Modified: July 17, 2011

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