Will We See One Unified Windows Soon?

As Microsoft ships three different versions of its Windows software across platforms, hints about a unified Windows ecosystem were hinted by a Microsoft executive on Monday. The comments sparked rumors that a unified Windows might be coming sooner rather than later.

The comments made by Microsoft’s head of devices, Julie-Larson-Green, at the UBS Global Technology Conference, referred to the unified Windows software. The rumors about Microsoft working towards a a single Windows rollout has been rumored by many, but never officially.

Julie-Larson-Green Talks One Windows On Monday

Microsoft Hints About A Windows One

The latest rumors about a single Windows software operating system across tablets, phones, and computers has been discussed by gadget-hounds for months. These comments follow rumors about a single app store, and unifying it towards a single store. The path towards a single app store for phones and Windows could be the start towards this path.

In addition, the talks about Microsoft has gotten developers excited towards building a system for Windows versus many. The simplified-developer registration process and the latest changes to Windows 8.1 have pointed more towards Microsoft wanting to edge towards a Windows versus many Windows releases. The vision and heading towards this path has been discussed by many at Microsoft internally.

Microsoft And Wearables Talked About On Monday During Conference

Microsoft Discusses Wearables

At the USB Conference, Julie-Larson-Green talked about sensors and Microsoft as well. The talks about sensors and it becoming a big part of how people think about things was the key takeaway on this topic. A smart watch with a Surface connector, mixed with the manufacturing and technology that comes with the Nokia purchase could make this more than just a rumor.

The rumors about Microsoft using sensors more in their software circled again around the interaction with sensors and natural user interfaces. She explained how the mouse was an invention, and the company sees that sensors could be the next path towards interaction. They are building and working towards using sensors more, and could be integrated into a future version of Windows and more.

I love the future of Windows and the Kinect. The Kinect can be used across so many different devices, and is the future of an interactive Windows, albeit one or many of them.

Published: Thursday, November 28th, 2013 Last Modified: November 28, 2013

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