Will OneDrive Finally Support Music File Storage?

With OneDrive getting unlimited storage in recent days via updates, users are storing documents and photos in droves. But, many wonder whether or not music files will be supported natively with the update. Word on Tuesday courtesy of Neowin points that it just might support it soon.

OneDrive slowly went from a simple file storage service to a service that supported any number of files. But, word on Tuesday about it supporting music files via recent updates, makes OneDrive the perfect source for possible music file updates, and giving users a cloud storage service from Microsoft.


What Was Found

In the latest notes on Tuesday, tipsters pointed to a link that lets users automatically create a folder for their tunes on the cloud. When the link is created and the service supported, 20GB of storage will be allocated for music files, and this should be enough for most users music collections, considering the average size of mp3 files.

Some of the graphics point to a possible web version of this launching as well, and that should mirror some of the features from Google, Apple, and other service companies. The ability to access music files on the go from the browser will give users music file access from anywhere, and give users an online storage spot for music files.


No Charge and Access From All Devices

By allowing users to access their music files on OneDrive, users will be able to access their music files from phones, tablets, Windows 8.1 devices, and any other device. It’s possible that the Xbox One will also get this access as it rolls out, and it seems to be a preview of what will be rolled out soon.

No release date has been announced regarding this service, and no official word from Microsoft has been announced on this at all. By allowing users to host their music on OneDrive and streaming it to say the Xbox Music service, would allow for a total cloud service for music files. It could be launching soon, and might be a US only service at first, but rumors this late to the game point to a sooner launch rather than later.

This could be very interesting if true. Music files take up a lot of space, and using OneDrive to host and stream them might be a bold move if done right from Microsoft.

Published: Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 Last Modified: November 5, 2014

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