Will HTC Be New Windows Phone Partner?

In an interesting article on Thursday night, one of the lagging phone companies in the world has been mentioned to become the newest possible rumored Windows Phone partners. HTC , a Taiwanese phone maker is in late stage rumors to become the latest Windows Phone maker.

The decision for HTC to start making Windows Phones is a shocker to most, but for those following the company, isn’t a shocker at all. The company has been struggling to sell phones, with their HTC One not selling as expected, and possibly leading to a new avenue for the company.

HTC Rumored To Become Latest Windows Phone Partner

HTC Adding With No Additional Cost

One of the key points surrounding this article, as first mentioned on Bloomberg, is the fact that Microsoft will license Windows Phone to HTC for no additional cost. Normally, phone partners are charged a flat cost per phone or royalty, but this free license to HTC can be what it takes for HTC to develop high quality Windows Phones on the marketplace. How this might upset other partners who are paying for the licenses is another matter.

HTC No New Phones Since June

As phone companies like Samsung and others are constantly innovating with new phones, HTC hasn’t developed a new phone since June. It might have been that they are waiting for the final word on this agreement, but HTC quickly needs to get ahead and start making new phones for the world. This new Windows Phone branch from Microsoft might give them the new breath of light that they need to succeed.

Microsoft Searching For New Partners

The news that HTC might become a newest Windows Phone partner is the latest in the rumors of Microsoft searching for a new Windows Phone partner. Since they purchased Nokia last month, they will need to get more external partners to build the phones, and HTC would be a great match since they control their production from beginning to end, and are already a strong hold in Asia.

What does this mean for Windows Phone? Maybe a new partner, maybe more new models, maybe nothing. But, it gives more news about Windows Phone and the wanting for Microsoft to see it succeed on a larger scale.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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