Will Call of Duty 7 have Zombies?

Did you hear the latest rumors about Call of Duty 7? Call of Duty 7 will have Zombies:

Will call of Duty 7 have zombies?

No, of course we are just kidding, in fact Call of Duty 7 will feature a group of stranded playboy girls on a lost island where they meet a group of soldiers. Hmmm, well, maybe not, but the idea is great.

All jokdes aside, Call of Duty 7 will be about a real war in history, the Vietnam War. During a LA casting call for voice over and motion capturing, a character called Frank Barnes, who is part of an elite Vietnam unit (SOG), has been revealed. Maybe we will play multiple characters in Call of Duty 7, similar to Medal of Honor 2010, which will also feature a group of elite soldiers (Medal of Honor 2010 Screenshots).

As VG247 reports, SOG was responsible for covert operations in Vietnam, and was active from 1964-1972.

Here are the all the characters that have been revealed:

Possible Call of Duty 7 Main Characters:

  • Frank Barnes
  • Joseph Lewis
  • Jason Hudson
  • Kristina Ivanova

Link: Complete background information of all 4 Call of Duty 7 characters

Frank Barnes

Male, Late 40’s Old War-Horse-Gravely Authoritative Voice-Actor MUST BE approx. 6FT TALL.

Volume of dialogue: Med, Volume of mo-cap: High, Volume of facial: High

Biography: Late 40’s. Frank is best described as an ‘old warhorse’ – A man increasingly out of step with the rapidly changing world around him. Though still fit to fight, Barnes knows that his days in the field are numbered. A key player in early CIA special forces team including Operation 40 Frank ultimately transfers to the SOG in Vietnam. A fiercely patriotic Veteran of WW2, Frank is a solid leader, possesses with an excellent ability to assess and respond to any situation quickly and decisively. In other words – nothing fazes him.

PHYSICAL: 6’0″ – 190lbs – Body type, strong, but not overly large. Barnes is typical of Special Forces team members – Physicall fit but certainly not a muscle bound cliché.

VOCAL: Gravelly raspy voice – For the most part, Frank speaks with a dry, deadpan tone – which is highly effective for his equally deadpan sense of humor. The gravelly raps in his voice no doubt borne of years spent yelling orders over the deafening sounds of battle/ (If you have a namey late 40’s gravely voiced masculine male like a younger: JK Simmons, GW Bailey, Tommy Lee Jones – Please let me know). They will also have to do the motion capture.

Voice-actors do motion capture

What I find very interesting here is that voice-Actors are also doing the motion capture for the upcoming Call of Duty 7. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they would use these people to make a Call of Duty film? Even if it’s just a short film?

We need a younger Tommy Lee Jones:

I quote:

If you have a namey late 40’s gravely voiced masculine male like a younger Tommy Lee Jones, please let me know

Call of Duty 7 Screenshots

Call of Duty Themes

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Call of Duty 7 Vietnam Desktop Background

Published: Friday, February 19th, 2010 Last Modified: February 19, 2010

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