Wii U’s Launch Lineup Could be Quite the Surprise, Including Pikmin sequel

Darksiders 2 And Other Hot Games For Wii U2With some games announced and more to come, insiders say the lineup could surprise.

While launching with titles that will be a year old by the Wii U’s launch, some surprises could be in store

We’ve reported on some of the games that are known to be launching with the Wii U – including games that are approach being a year old, such as Batman: Arkham City – but some surprises could be coming soon.

The news came from Shane Satterfield, Editor-in-Chief of Gametrailers, during a video podcast on the site. In it, he says the launch lineup for the Wii U is “going to be pretty damn good.” Nintendo have confirmed that the console will be re-unveiled at E3 2012, and Satterfield suggests more titles are to come. The console certainly needs more unique titles to differentiate itself from the market, rather than pushing out third-party titles that the Xbox 360 and PS3 will have.

As we reported last week, Nintendo announced New Super Mario Bros. Mii. Successor to the popular New Super Mario Bros. Wii, players now use Miis instead of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. However early footage of the game from E3 2011 showed new levels, so the game looks like a full-fledged sequel.

Finally, a Pikmin sequel

After countless requests from fans, Pikmin – the micro-managing game where players control a species of aliens called Pikmin – was announced during a developer roundtable. Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed the game has been in development since 2008, before the Wii U was announced, and is moving from the Wii to the Wii U. Miyamoto also confirmed that the title will be shown at E3 this year, likely as a launch title and one that could prove a system seller. Undoubtedly Nintendo will showcase the controller as a key aspect to the title, which could actually work well for manage potentially hundreds of Pikimin.

The previous Pikmin games launched on the Gamecube, later coming to the Wii in the New Play Control! collection. They previously launched to positive reception, if not stellar sales when compared to Nintendo’s other first-party titles such as Super Mario, in particular Pikmin 2 which was considered to improve on every aspect of the original Pikmin and remove features such as the 30-day play limit.

Published: Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 Last Modified: June 27, 2014

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