Wii U Set For Surprise Release During Q3 2012?

The Wii U Console Coming Out Earlier Release Date Soon

Fubon Research says Nintendo’s next-gen console, the Wii U, is releasing earlier than expected

Officially, we’ve been told the Wii U is coming before the end of the year. Unofficially, we may have a more specific window

For a console that’s coming out this year, Nintendo’s remained quiet on the Wii U. So far we know the consoles is coming before the end of 2012 and will be re-unveiled at E3 2012, where Microsoft and Sony are expected to maintain focus on their current consoles, though a report online suggests that Wii U is coming potentially mid-year.

The news came from Fubon Research, who were reporting on the prospects for financial earnings during the rest of the year. While largely talking about mundane details that gamers won’t care about, there was one tidbit of information which came from nowhere: the Wii U will released in Q3 2012. That would go against the thinking of many, with a release date expected around Q4 2012 in time for the holiday rush.

Q3 runs from July-September, so I doubt we’re going to see anything in July considered Nintendo will only be showing the console off in June (unless they’ve been heavily ramping up production, but a three-week period until release is way too short). Regarding August and September, they definitely aren’t impossible release dates and the focus would certainly be on Nintendo.

The Wii U is a strange console because it’s the beginning of the next generation, but the less-but-maybe-more-powerful-than-current-console specs suggest it would be a generational leap. When consumers are buying next-gen consoles, they’re looking for exactly that. Gamers who want to play the latest Call of Duty aren’t going to be looking at the Wii U if the Durango Xbox and Orbis PlayStation raise the bar.

Gaining a lead

Nintendo has to put the year advantage to good use, because that’s the time to gain consumer loyalty. If the company can push out a robust online system that compared to PSN and Xbox Live, and gain third party support, then they’re got competitive console.

Nintendo arguably has the strongest and most well-known third-party titles too, so launching a Super Mario game with a large install base is a recipe for success. The hope is that we won’t be waiting for five years between the 3D titles.

Published: Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 Last Modified: May 15, 2012

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