Wii U Prices

The Wii U looks pretty hot, but Nintendo still hasn’t unveiled the release date nor the price.

Wii U Price

Possible Wii U Release Date

A possible release date – if everything goes as expected – is April 1st.

Because of the uncertain release date, we have created a mail notification that will automatically inform you when the Wii U becomes available for preorder. Preorder The Wii U

Possible Wii U Price Tag

A possible Wii U price is $399 and 399€. The Wii 1 launch price was only $249.99 – that is the price of a Playstation Vita , however that was a few years ago. Things have changed – a possible Wii U price should be higher than $249.99.

The XBOX360 launch price was $399. The Wii U has a pretty expensive controller with a second display and the console will have full HD support. We expect that a price range of $299 – $399 is more realistic.

Published: Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 Last Modified: June 7, 2011

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