Wii U Could Launch December In Europe And Australia, Potentially For Different Reasons

Wii U Launch Date December Europe
Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console, called the Wii U, does not have a specific release date or price. We don’t know when the detail will be revealed, either, but a retail store tipster speaking to Kotaku Australia claims December 6 is the date to pencil in.

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Despite the expected November launch for Wii U, it seems European and Australian customers could be left waiting an extra month. Manufacturing issues, and a later launch date, are reasons for the delay in the regions.

Kotaku Australia said information from a local Australia retailer claims December 6 is the release date down under. While we’re not clear if the tip is from EB Games, Nintendo is apparently guaranteeing every pre-order made at the retail store to avoid manufacturing issues. The Wii saw mass shortages during its debut in 2006.

Australia sees gaming software and hardware on Thursday, which December 6 is. The wii released December 7, 2006, also Thursday.

U.S. customers are getting Wii U in November, though, during Thanksgiving weekend according to Kotaku Australia. That’s November 22, 2012, and Black Friday begins after the weekend celebrations. It makes sense for Nintendo to launch in one of its biggest markets during the country’s biggest sale of 2012.

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Regarding Europe, ComputerAndVideoGames reported this week manufacturing issues are plaguing the Wii U. Specifically, the Wii U’s GamePad controller is complex. While we don’t know specifically what’s hiccuping the console’s launch, it seems strange considering Apple and other companies build tablet devices for million customers without a problem.

Basically the GamePad is a tablet, also functionality as a controller. It uses a single-touch display rather than multitouch, with the included stylus working around the issue.

If we’re looking at trends to suggest when Nintendo might reveal more information on Wii, the Wii was announced at 2005’s E3 event. The Wii Remote was delayed until September of that year, so with Wii shown again at E3 2012 in June and September coming up we could hear of a price and release date soon.

With the end of 2012 confirmed as the limit for Wii U’s release, we’re sure to get news soon.

Published: Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 Last Modified: August 15, 2012

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