Wii 2 Rumors, Release Date, E3 2011

Only a couple days until the E3 2011 begins. One of the things I am looking forward is the Wii 2 debut. Will Nintendo be able to come up with something that could challenge Microsoft’s Kinect?

Wii 2 Rumors

The original Nintendo Wii launched in 2006 to much acclaim. It was the first console to feature gaming through movement, and it was incredibly innovative on Nintendo’s part. It has been extremely popular with all types of gamers of all different ages. Now, there are Wii 2 rumors going around as E3 2011 approaches. Is it possible that a new version of the Nintendo Wii is in the works?

What Is The Nintendo Wii 2 Console?

According to Nintendo Wii 2 rumors, this gaming console is going to be the successor to the original Nintendo Wii. It is going to have several new features that the original console didn’t have, including HD capabilities as well as 3D. It is also rumored that the new Wii 2 controller will be revamped. It will have a more traditional design compared to the original Wiimote, and it said to feature a touch screen for users, similar to their Nintendo DS handheld systems. These features will put the Nintendo Wii 2 on par with the other major consoles out there, including the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

The Nintedo Wii 2 Release Date

While nothing has been officially confirmed by Nintendo yet, it seems like Nintendo wants to release the Nintedo Wii 2 sometime in 2012, probably in the first or second quarter. This is a change from previous rumors that stated the Nintendo Wii 2 would come out sometime in late 2011. Of course, the release date all depends on how the development of the system goes; there can certainly be problems or snags that need to be worked out on the way. More information on the release date is likely to be released at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Official Information about the Nintendo Wii 2

Nintendo has released many bits of information about the new gaming console to help with the spread and accuracy of Wii 2 rumors. The hardware components of the new Wii are known; it is going to feature an AMD graphics processor and an IBM central processing unit. These components are huge upgrades over the original Wii. Nintendo has also stated that the Nintendo Wii 2 will be able to support any original Wii games as well as all Gamecube games, so it will be completely backwards compatible.

The Nintendo Wii 2 at E3 2011

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a yearly event that showcases new games and products coming out for release. Nintendo has stated that they will be completely unveiling the new console at this year’s E3. Hopefully at that point the Nintendo Wii 2 rumors will be put to rest as complete details are confirmed, such as what games will be released with the system, the price of the new system, the official name of the product, and the official release date. Then gamers will have accurate information they can discuss rather than simply speculations!

Fans can look forward to more information about the Nintendo Wii 2 soon, since E3 is right around the corner. As the Wii 2 rumors give way to official statements, gamers can start looking forward to the newest gaming console to be released on the market.

Published: Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 Last Modified: May 31, 2011

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