Wii 2 Rumors: “Nintendo Stream” aka Project Café Might Have 2 Controllers!

According to the latest rumors, the Wii 2 might be called Nintendo Stream and have 2 controllers. Other rumors reveal possible specs and the price of the console. More after the break.

Wii 2 Price and Specs

Wii 2 codenamed Project Café is Nintendo’s answer to Kinect. The console might have full HD support and released as soon as 2012. It is rumored that the Wii 2 aka Nintendo Stream aka Project Café will be demoed at the E3 2011 this year.

Wii 2 Controller With Integrated Display

The Wii 2 might have more than 1 controller. One of them includes an integrated display (touchscreen) and resembles the old Wii controller. However, Nintendo realized that not all people want to use that traditional Wii controller and might include another controller.

Controller with buttons!
The other Wii controller is rumored to have 8 buttons and two sticks.

Wii 2 Hardware & Price

Hardware: Rumors say that the Wii 2 Nintendo Stream will have a triple-core CPU.

Price: It is speculated that the Wii 2 might cost anywhere between $350 to $400.

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Published: Sunday, April 24th, 2011 Last Modified: April 24, 2011

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