Change It, Break It! Why You Should Embrace The New Metro UI And Not Restore The Start Button

Windows 8 Metro UI Ok, I admit it, when I first used the Developer Preview, the first thing I did was to restore the classic Start button and menu. But on the Consumer Preview I didn’t, here’s what I learned along the way.

It’s all about growth

Windows 8 is supposed to become Microsoft’s shining example of a perfect mobile OS that can challenge iOS and Co. Windows 7 sold AND still sells well, which means at this point Microsoft cares more about expanding into the mobile niche than anything else. It’s all about growth. Microsoft already dominates the desktop market, what they need is a new market. Microsoft tried to enter the mobile market back in 2010 with their HP Slate PC and failed miserably due to the lack of a proper mobile OS. Windows 7 is NOT a mobile OS.

Ever since Microsoft presented their mobile OS the stock price (MSFT) is rising and rising. Lots of people realized that Microsoft is onto something. Windows 8 could be BIG – becoming the first choice for mobile devices ranging from mobile phone to freezer. If Warren Buffet would invest into tech stocks, Microsoft would be on his list. A market-dominating bulldog with growth potential!

Windows 8 – A good OS for desktop users?

Ok, so should I even bother to put Windows 8 on my desktop PC then? Yes and no. If you invest some time you can quickly get used to the new mobile OS. You can still quickly access many features by right-clicking on the corner where normally the Start button is (try it out, it works on Windows 8 Consumer Preview and higher). Also if you really can’t stand the new UI, then by all means, go ahead and install Stardock’s Start8 and get a Metro-like Start menu for your Windows 8 desktop PC

Published: Saturday, March 17th, 2012 Last Modified: March 17, 2012

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