Why Windows 9 Will Win Over Consumers And The Enterprise

As news surrounding the next release of Windows 9 made its way through the Internet over the weekend and Monday, lots of people talked about the potential and what we could see from it. Overall, it will be an experience that both consumers and enterprise customers will enjoy.

There has been a lot of mixed results that have come from Windows 8 and the subsequent Windows 8.1 release from Microsoft. Between a lackluster offering, a new tiled interface, touch screens that not every laptop or desktop uses, and mixed sales numbers, it makes a Windows 9 potential very interesting.

Users Want Desktop And Windows 9 Should Bring That Back

Why Windows Vista Is Like Windows 8

Many on Monday speculated about how Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are exactly like Windows Vista by Microsoft. Microsoft historically has mixed or lackluster results from every other operating system it releases. From Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows 98, and now Windows 8.1, Microsoft hits and misses every other time.

I’m a strong believer in what an operating system can do for a computer, but reinventing the wheel every few years is something that Microsoft overdoes all the time. I love Windows XP and even have a machine running it today. It’s over 10 years old, but it runs, doesn’t go down and works. Most people agree if you look at the numbers too.

Microsoft Appears Ditching Windows 8.1 For Windows 9 Next Year

Why Enterprise & Customers Like Windows 9

Customers will want a desktop interface and rumors about it booting into a desktop or tiled interface will be huge. Enterprise customers never bought Windows 8.1 and want a desktop rollout for its users, and Windows 9 can do that. Customers didn’t buy laptops with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 either, and are maybe waiting for Windows 9 to help them decide.

I think the touch interface killed Windows 8, and Windows 9 needs the desktop back. I like tiles on a tablet, but not on a desktop or laptop. I don’t touch my screen, and use my keyboard and mouse to get around, and have been for years. Windows 9 should bring back the good ol’ Windows interface and that is good.

I don’t like change in operating systems, but am looking to Windows 9 to be a hit. The public liked Windows 7, and should enjoy Windows 9 if history proves itself right.

Published: Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 Last Modified: January 14, 2014

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