Why Google Is Falling Behind Apple and Microsoft In The Tablet Market

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With Windows 8 looming this year, it’s time for Google to rethink their tablet strategy

How is Google going to approach its tablet strategy as Windows 8 prepares for launch?

We know about the iPad’s dominance of the tablet market, but the launch of Windows 8 is going to be more interesting because Google is going to quickly find itself third in the pecking order when its comes to tablets.

Google is in a difficult situation because, while Windows 8 will attract developers due to Windows’ massive install base, but Amazon’s Kindle Fire has proven more successful than Honeycomb tablets. Even though the Fire is based on Android, the company has completely customized it and proven a non-Android experience works on tablets. Therefore, the question is can Android work on tablets?

Last week, Google CEO – Larry Page – was asked by a Goldman Sachs analyst about Google’s position in the tablet market. He acknowledged the strong competition in the market, which is expected to grow around 50 percent each year over the next few years, while adding that Google has rebranded and invested into the Android Market and called it Google Play. Users can now browse apps online, buy and download apps onto their account.

Asus tablet

Page also admitted there has been success of lower-price tablets that run Android, though they running the full Android experience (probably pointing at the Kindle Fire). Along with that, he said
that Google thinks there will be a lot of success in the lower-end market and its an area the company is definitely going to focus on.

Rumors have circulated that suggested Google will release an Asus-manufacturer tablet, for the lower end of the market, from hints dropped by Google’s chairman and former CEO Eric along Schmidt. There were also rumors the tablet has been delayed until Jay, after originally being planned for May, as the originally-planned $249 price point was apparently considered too expensive and will cause the tablet to be redesigned. If Google and Asus could pull of a price that low with a quality experience, that would be a real achievement.

Though that’s the issue: the experience. Asus and Google can create a gorgeous form factor with specs rivalling the iPad, but developers still aren’t working on Android tablets.

Published: Monday, April 30th, 2012 Last Modified: April 30, 2012

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