Download Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7

Where to Download Microsoft Touchpack for Windows 7If you have one of these fancy laptops with touchscreen or a touchscreen monitor, you should download Microsoft’s Touch Pack for Windows 7 that has been released today for *all* owners of a genuine Windows 7 copy.

Back in 2008, Microsoft showed us the first presentation of Windows 7’s touchscreen panning. Included in Microsoft’s touch pack for Windows 7 are three touch games and three Microsoft Surface applications.

Blackboard is a mini-game where you have to build a machine on a blackboard to solve the puzzle:

Microsoft TouchPack Blackboard

In Microsoft’s Rebound you use your fingers to score a goal with tesla balls. Fun!

Microsoft TouchPack Blackboard

In Garden Pond you move origamis to a more secure area by making ripples on the water with your fingers:

Microsoft TouchPack Blackboard

A useful application for photo sharing is Microsoft’s Surface Collage that allows you to resize and move photos on a wall, using only your fingers:

Microsoft TouchPack Blackboard

Well this one is obvious: A 3D world that you can move with your fingers and add useful notes to certain locations:

Microsoft TouchPack Blackboard

Surface Lagon is more like a screensaver to relax your eyes and explore underwater areas:

Microsoft TouchPack Blackboard

Overall, it’s not the most spectacular touch screen package but at least Surface Collage and Microsoft’s Rebound should be a great addition for every touchscreen monitor/laptop.

Where to download Microsoft’s Touch Pack for Windows 7

You can review and download the touch pack over at Microsoft’s Download Center. It is now 100% free for all genuine Windows 7 users.

Published: Friday, April 23rd, 2010 Last Modified: April 23, 2010

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