Where to download free game demos for Windows 7? Hard Reset, Tropico 4, Crazy Taxi

You’re bored and want to download some free game demos? Here are the best sources for PC demos that you can play on Windows 7.

Where to download free game demos

Video games can end up costing a great deal of money, making it important for gamers to be sure they are acquiring a quality game. Free game demos for Windows 7 make it easy to try any genre of game before investing money in a new purchase, allowing players the freedom to make smart decisions when selecting new games.

Steam – Download Tons Of Demos 

Steam is a wonderful client that has tons of free game demos for Windows 7. Gamers simply need to download the client from www.steampowered.com/getsteam, and install it on the hard drive. Through the client, gamers have access to hundreds of quality game demos from developers such as Sega, 2K games, Square Enix, LucasArts, and many more. The only drawback to Steam is that the proprietary software can be a little finicky, causing some users to complain about connectivity issues.

GameZone – Download Crazy Taxi Demo

GameZone, found at http://www.gamezone.com/downloads, has many popular free game demos, with titles such as Call of Duty: World at War and and Bloodrayne 2. GameZone also posts previews of new games, with links to the demo if available. The previews listed help gamers decide what games the wish to demo, saving time and energy. All game demos, previewed or not, can be found under the download section of the site. With several hundred game demos available to download, GameZone is sure to have a game suited for every individual’s unique taste.

Gamespot – Download Hard Reset Demo & Tropico 4 Demo 

Another great site to find free game demos for Windows 7 is http://www.gamespot.com/downloads/index.html. They not only have a wide array of PC games, they also cover games on every other platform—even including games for the iPhone and Android phones. Demos can be found using the drop down menu at the top of their site. Though they only host a handful of PC games at one time, they select the top games that most people are looking for, such as Crysis and Dynasty Warriors 6. Gamespot also reviews games, allowing gamers to get a feel for the game prior to downloading a demo

  1. Today’s #1 GameWarcraft III: Reign of Chaos Demo

    Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Demo Thumbnail
    • From:Blizzard Entertainment
    • Size:100.2mb
    • Posted:12-02-2002
    • Downloads:496,865
  2. Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe Full Install

    • Illusion Softworks
    • 270.4mb
    • 10-09-2003
  3. Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo

    • Electronic Arts
    • 1.3gb
    • 08-23-2007
  4. Spider-Man Demo

    • Gray Matter
    • 132.2mb
    • 09-10-2001
  5. Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Demo

    • Konami
    • 1.2gb
    • 09-25-2007
  6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Demo

    • Konami
    • 1.4gb
    • 09-15-2010
  7. Need for Speed Underground 2 Demo

    • EA Canada
    • 354.2mb
    • 10-26-2004
  8.  Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Demo

    • Infinity Ward
    • 1.4gb
    • 10-11-2007
  9.  Microsoft Flight Simulator X Demo

    • Microsoft Game Studios
    • 817.4mb
    • 08-09-2006
  10.  Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Demo

    • EA LA
    • 547.0mb
    • 09-03-2004


CNET, found online at www.cnet.com, has the most extensive collection of game demos and free games available for download. With thousands of games in every category imaginable, CNET can satisfy even the fussiest gamer. Not only do they boost a plethora of game demos, they also have many freeware and shareware games available for Windows 7. Gamers who have limited funds should definitely check out CNET before diving into an expensive purchase. With all the options available on this site, anyone can kill hours trying out new games.


Another superb website is www.gamedemo.com, which has nearly three thousand titles available for download. In addition to an extensive game list, Gamedemo.com also has eguides to help players stuck on a difficult section of a game. The site is easy to navigate, with the top action, strategy, simulation, and role-playing games listed on the front page. The main issue with Gamedemo is that there is no section dedicated specifically for demos. Gamers interested in demos must click on the game information to see if there is one available.

Free demo websites make it easy for anyone to try out new games before forking out for the full game. This has helped to save precious time and money for fussy gamers, and provide endless entertainment for gamers who tend to get bored quickly.

Published: Saturday, September 10th, 2011 Last Modified: September 10, 2011

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