Star Wars The Old Republic Beta Start Soon!

If you have been asking yourself when does the star wars the old republic beta start, then you might receive an answer next week. A subdomains of revealed that they are preparing the beta launch and that a server status screen is already up:

When Does Star Wars The Old Republic Beta Start

We have previously invited you to join the SWTOR beta, but if you haven’t joined it yet, now might be *the* time to do it.

Star Wars The Old Republic Beta Signup

Why? Because a mysterious subdomain of allows registered SWTOR players to log in and then you get this:

Star Wars The Old Republic Beta Launch Date

Full Image Click Here

A server status screen. It currently says “No game servers are currently available for play”. Some rumors say that the countdown on the official Bioware, Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age Site could somehow be related to the SWTOR beta launch. But honestly, I doubt it. Bioware would have posted a countdown on if they wanted to release some CRUCIAL information about the SWTOR beta. Nonetheless, the subdomain is already there, which means the beta will start soon. Soon could be next month or this summer, who knows?

Bioware PR guy Ben Gilbert stated that the countdown is about the community and not a new game. So, possibly a new community platform? Maybe Bioware’s own publishing platform or it’s own platform for SWTOR, Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age players? We don’t know yet.

Published: Thursday, March 25th, 2010 Last Modified: March 25, 2010

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