What’s Happening With The iPad Mini? Price Speculations Detailed

The Ipad Mini_thumb4 The announcement of the iPhone 5 Wednesday saw many to look towards a potential Apple event in October introducing a 7-inch iPad, dubbed iPad Mini.

Apple introducing products that cover every probable price point for a cheaper iPad, so does this mean we’re getting only a 10-inch version?

Apple could throw a curveball and introduced a $199 7-inch iPad, but it’s looking less likely

I don’t own an iPad. The reason for that was because I didn’t feel the desire to own an unproven product, though with developers firmly committed to the device I’m now waiting for a 7-inch iPad. The reason for that is because it may be cheaper and the smaller form factor seems more comfortable to hold with one hand, though will it happen?

Let’s look at what Apple announced yesterday. iPhone 5 aside, there is the $299 iPod Touch and the $199 iPod Nano. So you’re basically getting content consumption devices at a cheaper price point than the iPhone and iPad. The point of the iPad Mini is to present a cheaper iPad, but Apple is going to price out a product. An iPad Mini will be $299 or $349, probably. That even overlaps with the iPhone.

The thing is, when rumors consistently appear about a smaller iPad you get the feeling it’s real. We saw consistent leaks about the iPhone 5, and it was announced. Likewise with the original iPad, iPad 2, and new iPad. Rumors about the Apple TV set surfaced earlier in the year but have faded away, and it hasn’t been revealed.

Competition Is Rising, And Apple Needs To React

We’re seeing the popularity of Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire/HD, so the 7-inch market is targetable. Competition is rising and Apple is surely aware. I bet a ton of users would buy a cheaper iPad. I certainly would.

Windows 8 is launching later this year on tablets. It’s going to be the first sizeable competition for Apple, iOS, and the iPad I think. It’ll have the range of devices like Android and the user base like Apple. It also uses a consistent user interface that manufacturers have to adhere to, unlike Android being a free-for-all effectively.

Windows 8 launches October 26. If an iPad Mini event is going to happen, October’s the rumored date.

Published: Friday, September 14th, 2012 Last Modified: September 14, 2012

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