What’s All The Fuss About Flash? Simply Download Flash 11 For Other Windows 8 Browsers

Downloading The Adobe Flash Player 11_Thumb4It seems like everyone is worried that Microsoft did not release a Flash security update for IE10. You can simply stay away from IE10 and install the latest flash player for another browser

A recent flash exploit makes some people go crazy over the fact that MSFT did not provide the security patch in a timely manner for their built-in browser IE10.

Lots Of Other Browsers To Choose From Until Final OS Release

As you might be aware, Google integrates the latest flash player in their browser. Microsoft did the same with IE10, but because they are currently busy preparing a major OS release this may take a little longer. Rest assured, when Windows 8 out, IE10 will receive regular flash updates IN TIME.

So, in the meantime, everyone should simply download the flash player 11 for other Windows 8 browsers. There a lot of new browser based on Chromium that are worth trying.

IE10 will be my first choice for reading stuff on a Windows 8 tablet, but until the final release I recommend to simply use another one.

Did not upgrade flash recently? Make sure to head to his page to download the latest flash updates for Windows 8

Published: Thursday, September 13th, 2012 Last Modified: September 13, 2012

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