What Will Microsoft’s Wearables Future Be?

Many Microsoft fans are excited about the wearables market, and Microsoft certainly has the research and power to release a powerful wearable device. News on Thursday about Microsoft’s potential direction in this field, got many Microsoft followers scratching their heads with interest.

The wearables market for Samsung, LG, Google, and Apple are still new markets, and Microsoft is one of these companies as well. It could be a hit or miss from the company, it could be a cross platform hit, or could be anything from Microsoft, as rumored this fall.

Microsoft Wearable Patent Gathering Rumor Mill Going Fast

Microsoft Band?

As many are wildly speculating about the potential of an iWatch from Apple, Microsoft seems to be going from a different direction. Rumors about a Gear Fit health tracker that delivers notifications and timekeeping are leading the pack. This could be different than many others, and if done right a huge hit.

This health tracker is allegedly also supposed to work with a number of different platforms as well. From Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Microsoft has issued and filed for a number of patent applications in this field, and while they could just be R&D dollars in motion, a potential health tracker could be exciting.

Microsoft Healthband Featured In Patent Filings Gathering Interest

Pictures Of Trackers

The latest picture of the health tracker, as taken from Microsoft’s patent filing displays a unit that is connected to an external computing device as well as a power source. It has a full display on the front with a number of different sensors that can tell heart rate, blood pressure, a pedometer, and others.

As no product has been announced or discussed, the wearables market for Microsoft is a rumor mill gone wild. Microsoft could certainly deliver a popular product in this wearables market and go against Apple and Google, but it remains to be seen how popular it could be with the general public. Experts love this field and see it as a market with huge potential, but whether or not Microsoft could enter it and succeed is another. Microsoft has the budget and staff to build an awesome device, it’s just a matter of whether it does or not.

A Microsoft wearable could be huge. This news makes me want one soon and tomorrow.

Published: Friday, July 4th, 2014 Last Modified: July 4, 2014

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