What to Expect at E3 2012: Microsoft

Microsoft At E3 2012 Details

Here we round-up what can be expected from Microsoft.

On GameTrailer’s Bonus Round, they talked about Microsoft’s E3 conference. Here’s what to expect

Microsoft’s news that its E3 conference will largely focus on media and and Xbox Live has been met with some controversy as the gamers watching and attending E3 still see the Xbox 360 as a gaming console, despite the media apps released last year becoming more popular than games. It GameTrailer’s three-part series of the Bonus Round 30-minute talk show, they cover what to expect at Microsoft’s Conference.

It’s the first press conference happening Monday, June 4, and the company has said they’re not talking about the next Xbox. The question then is what are they going to talk about, because Microsoft can’t start misleading shareholders by suddenly revealing or teasing the next Xbox, and when people step back and think for a second there are really only two nailed-on games that will be shown: Halo 4 and Forza: Horizon.

Analyst Michael Pachter says a Sprign 2014 is likely, and Sony wants to go first while Microsoft sits back and see what happens. The reason for that is because Microsoft doesn’t want to sell out at Christmas, and instead launch in January/February. That’ll be a good time later than the Wii U.

GameTrailer’s Editor-in-Chief, Shanne Satterfield, said he knows Microsoft will show off more tech demos like at GDC in Q1 2012 (though whether they’re public or not remains to be seen).

Of course, they’re going to have a big push with Halo 4 – evidenced by the November release date – though Microsoft will also push the Xbox as a media device. There could be a new music service, which has been rumored to replace Zune. Microsoft wants to own the living room.
Regarding Halo 4, it has a built-in fanbase and they’re going to buy the games regardless of a concurrent release with Halo.

Talking Halo 4

Console exclusive games are important early in the cycle to get people into the ecosystem, and Microsoft will have a huge audience by launching the game in November. Last year, Battlefield 3 sold 13 million and Skyrim sold 12 million. Buying a second console, through the Xbox 360 S, also fuelled sales.

Check back soon for the Nintendo roundup.

Published: Monday, May 7th, 2012 Last Modified: May 7, 2012

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