What Sports Games Shine On The Next Gen

So the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are finally here. So what are the best sport games to get for your shiny new console?

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Launch Line Up Features Various Sport Releases

It has been long known in the video game industry that a key driver in sales and online subscription has been the success of sports games on the console. Just take a look at the Dreamcast which flopped spectacuarly when EA pulled out of releasing any games for SEGA.

So how do the launch Sport titles fair best for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

Fifa 14 Gets Rave Reviews

There was a lot of hype around Fifa 14 and the new engine the game would be featuring on the next generation of consoles. Well it appears to have been justified as the game has received a very positive reaction on release.

Gamespot only gave the game a respectable 8 out of 10 but were full of praise for the gameplay itself.

FIFA 14 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is a step above it’s peers. Whether you’re scoring in front of a screaming Kop or eking out an unlikely cup victory, FIFA 14 produces special moments that will live in your memory long after you’ve put the controller down.


IGN noted the improvement on the current gen version and scored the game a 9.1.

FIFA 14 isn’t a leap into the future of the series; it has a lot in common with the version of FIFA 14 that’s already out. There are real flashes of potential, though, and hints at where it may go in the future.

Madden 25 and NBA 2k14 Released on Next-Gen Consoles

Two more sport games out for the next generation of consoles are Madden 25 and NBA 2k14 aiming to please respective fans of American Football and Basketball.

So how did the games fair.


Usgamer acknowledged some of the improvements in the latest Madden but scored the game a 7 out of 10 claiming it would not impress the next generation player -a theme that seem to run through other reviews.

“Outside of instant replays, Madden NFL 25 won’t impress the average player on PlayStation 4, as the game’s normal play mode doesn’t always show off the next-generation graphics. Improved physics and player AI change how the game is played on a fundamental level, making it more realistic, so veteran players will need a period of adjustment.”

On the other hand NBA 2K14 received some great reviews with the general theme being that many people were delighted to see 2K Sports building the game from the ground up instead of simply porting the current gen over.


Game Informer scored the game a 8.5 stating ..

“Rather than simply port the current generation version of NBA 2K14, Visual Concepts deserves praise for drastically renovating its two most popular modes for its next-generation console debut.”

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Published: Sunday, November 24th, 2013 Last Modified: November 24, 2013

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