What Should Microsoft Announce For Windows 8 In Early September? Cross-Device Gaming?

Cross Device Feature_thumb2.pngMicrosoft’s event in September is expected to preview new Windows Phone 8 devices, though what about Windows 8? Microsoft is keen to integrate its mobile and desktop operating systems, so here’s a look at what we can expect.

Windows 8 and Windows Phone could work well together, and perhaps we’ll get an indicator of the partnership in September

We’re excited for Windows 8, despite the apparent negativity around the operating system. The new Metro UI is fresh, and for touch is perfect, while the returning desktop modes offers a familiarity all Windows users will know. However, Microsoft is hosting an event in September to (probably) reveal Windows Phone 8 devices. What can we expect if Microsoft talks Windows 8?

Dual-app development

This is probably my favorite feature for Windows 8 developers: the ability to build apps for it and Windows Phone 8 simultaneously. If Microsoft wants users to own Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices, then a consistent experience is paramount. Part of that is having apps that work optimally on phones and tablets/ultrabooks, the latter in Windows 8’s case. The tile-based user interface means developers should have little problem developing for the UI.

Microsoft Loves It When A Plan Comes Together

Cross-device gaming

We’ve spoken before on how games for Xbox Live Arcade could be played on Windows Phone and then picked up on Xbox 360, like Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. That functionality doesn’t seem to have been expanded by Microsoft, a shame considering it’s a killer feature. That ability is in Windows 8, with its Xbox Live integration, and I expect Microsoft to hype up the functionality. Buying a game on my Windows 8 devices and then resuming on my Xbox 360/Durango Xbox is something I want. It’s something Apple and Google can’t offer.

Hint towards Windows 8 device schedule

We’re probably going to get Nokia’s next Windows Phones announced at the September 5 event, and the release schedule of the phones may hint what companies will roll out Windows 8 tables and ultrabooks. Windows 8 is releasing October 26. The release of Windows Phone 8 and its devices may be alongside the new OS, so we’ll have to see if Microsoft staggers launches or attempts to get users buying into the operating systems together.

Windows 8 releases October 26.

Published: Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 Last Modified: November 13, 2014

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