What is your favorite gaming music theme? Is it the Civilization 4 theme?

If so, you have the same opinion as the Grammy Awards jury, because they have nominated the music theme of Civilzation 4 for a Grammy! What other gaming themes deserve a Grammy (from your POV)?

Best Music Themes

There are many awesome gaming themes. Two that are stucky in my brain forever are probably the following one:

Lineage 2 C2 Theme

Ok you might think this is gay, but for me it’s definitely one of the best composed music themes ever. Also, because I have a lot of epic memories when I hear this like some sort of flashback. Bill Brown is mostly responsible for the soundtrack of Lineage 2, at least until C2.

Morrowind Theme

Everyone who has played TES3: Morrowind will remember and love it! Epic.

Grammy Nomination: Civilization 4 Theme

Baba Yetu composed by Christopher Tin. I have just heard it for the first time. For me it’s one of those “feel good, feel strong” themes, definitely a good one! Hopefully it will win the Grammy! The 53rd GRAMMY Awards will be broadcasted on Feb. 13, 2011.

Published: Sunday, December 5th, 2010 Last Modified: December 5, 2010

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