What I Want to See in GTA 5

Here’s how Rockstar can blow me away whenever Grand Theft Auto V arrives.

Yes, GTA V may not arrive this year. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a reasonable set of expectations for the game

And I expect GTA V to be the best GTA yet, with the title releasing 2013 (which is honestly when it’s going to release, I think). An improved engine, huge world and improved running and shooting mechanics should mean Rockstar pushing 20 million copies once more.

Feature #1: greater character customization. Honestly, GTA IV felt like a huge step back when it came to buying clothes and food for a character. In San Andreas, everything you ate had an impact on how your character looked. In GTA IV, it didn’t, and clothing was distinctly categorised into low-, mid- and high-end categories. I can’t create my Niko, and the offerings in multiplayer were barely any better.

Feature #2: jets. Yes, jet. GTA IV didn’t allow me to drive to an airport, hijack a jet and fly over the city. Yes helicopters were in, but they’re not quite as fast and having my rotors suddenly clip the side of building and explode thereafter isn’t fun. Granted, flying at pedestrian level in a helicopter isn’t the best idea I’ve had.

Increased scope

Feature #3: a bigger world. GTA IV’s take on New York City was well done, but nothing more. I understand GTA parodies different eras – Vice City the 80s, GTA IV the modern day – but I want the worlds to be a bit more creative. The Los Santos trailer showed a world with beautiful beaches and rich and poor areas of the island, so we should see a mixture of demographics and environments. We could even see secluded mountainous areas if the trailer is anything to go by, which would be a stark contrast to the industrialized areas in GTA IV.

Feature #4: an active property market. Buying houses wasn’t around in GTA IV, instead you were given houses as you progressed through the story. That’s boring; I want to buy houses, and have an impact on the market. And by extension, money should be harder to earn. Completing missions rewarded too much money, making side missions – such as taxi driving – worthless in GTA IV.

Published: Friday, May 25th, 2012 Last Modified: May 25, 2012

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