What features do you want in Windows 8 .next?

So, with a release date for Windows 7 SP1 in sight, I decided that it’s time to bring our Windows 8 Wishlist Project to the next level. Microsoft promised that they will listen to customer feedback in their all-new Windows.next! If you have a great idea for a new feature, suggest it (see poll in sidebar). We’ll be sending the final list to Microsoft for consideration.

Windows 8 Features Cloud Computing

I compiled a list of some features that you would like to see in Windows 8 based on our current wishlist (click here to read them all) :

  • Plug & Play Cloud Computing
  • Theme Editor
  • Improved Network Sharing
  • Simplified Rights Management
  • Built-in Password Manager
  • File Converter (for all formats)
  • Password-protection for files & folders
  • Hardware Diagnostic Tool
  • Stackable Taskbar Icons
  • Shortcut Manager
  • Windows Dialog Customizer
  • Personal e-Mail Client

I did not add all features, because some of them are too complex to describe them with a few words, so please don’t be angry if your wish did not make it on our list.

There are many features that could be useful, especially when I think about the future. Cloud computing will become the new standard. 3D will play a more important role than ever and Solid State Disks will make everything a lot faster. So, when everything is connected, faster and in 3D, what could be a useful feature that Windows 8 should include?

This is your poll, so it’s your turn! This is your chance to help make Windows 8 (or as Microsoft currently refers to it “Windows.next”) better.

Where can I vote for new features?

You will find the poll in our sidebar on the right!

Published: Thursday, March 11th, 2010 Last Modified: March 11, 2010

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