What do you think of the Windows 7 Beta ?

I would like to hear your opinion. Have you tried the beta yet?
Overall, what is your first impression?

How many points would you give Microsoft for:

  • – Accessibility
  • – Usability
  • – Performance


From my point of view, it’s all in the details. AeroShake and AeroSnap are very cool, both features will come in handy and improve your productivity.



While I was clearly disappointed that they did not add any collapsible menus on the desktop itself (not just the new gadget stuff), the Windows 7 Superbar is another great feature. Powerusers, who open a lot of windows simultaneously, will now be able to switch a lot easier between windows and tabs.

A virtual GPS system will be included in Windows 7, which will help you to receive even more local and specific information e.g. weather, oil price, etc.


Windows 7 benchmarks are very convincing (outperforms Vista + XP) and I am glad that it is doing so well, because a better overall performance is always a good thing.


A touchscreen might not be very innovative, but touchscreen-panning looks nice and will definetly change the way we interact with PC’s.

The question is what do you expect from a OS? What should Microsoft do to improve:

  • – Accessibility
  • – Usability
  • – Performance

They came up with a new kernel to improve the performance, features that improve the usability (superbar) and also new ways to access your PC (touchscreen-panning)!
Microsoft ust needs more feedback to make the system more user-friendly and that’s exactly what they are doing right now, why else would they remove a download limit for two weeks?

Feel free to let us know what you think about Windows 7, either by voting (sidebar poll) or by posting a comment here. 5 random commentators will receive another beta key from me.

Published: Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 Last Modified: June 18, 2009

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