Welsh Added In To Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is one of Microsoft’s quietest but well used products for users, and with its cast amount of language support, has users around the world using it for all purposes. On Friday, Microsoft added Welsh to the app, and will please many Welsh users.

Now, users will be able to translate to and from Welsh, using Microsoft products. These apps, including Office, Bing Translator, and Bing Translator apps for Windows Phone and Windows will give Welsh users great tools to use on the web and in their products.

Microsoft Adds Welsh To Supported Languages In Microsoft Translator

Why Welsh?

Welsh is one of the more unique languages on the planet, and while spoken by a smaller amount of the worlds population, is still a majorly needed language. The National Assemble for Wales stated that the introduction of Welsh in Microsoft Products is a great step forward in bilingual working, and should facilitate the use of machine language to allow people to communicate bilingually.

By adding Welsh to its tools, Microsoft will allow users to save time, reduce costs for professional translators, and will allow users who speak Welsh to use Microsoft products efficiently. While it might be a while for it to be used for professional communications and documents, it will eventually get there for many.

Microsoft's Translator Is A Free Tool For Personal, Business and More

What Is Microsoft Translator

The addition of Welsh to Microsoft Translator shows the power of the tool overall. It’s a free download for Windows 8, Windows Phone, and online via Bing. It harnesses the power of Microsoft Research, and allows users, students, business users, and families to communicate around the world.

It can be used by such a wide number of users, and is Microsoft’s finest products. It also has a number of options for programmers, users, partners, and translators. It is more than just a simple translator, and has API’s available for integration of the Windows Azure Marketplaces. It remains a free tool, and makes translating words, sentences, and documents much easier, and all comes with a free app for all. Microsoft Translator is truly a great tool that many should try if they haven’t and should use daily for their translating needs.

Microsoft Translator is a great tool for all. By adding Welch, it adds a much needed language to its already big stable of included languages.

Published: Monday, May 12th, 2014 Last Modified: May 12, 2014

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