Welcome to the future – Tom Clancy’s The Division to usher in the next generation in style

Ubisoft have followed the leads of TitanFall and Destiny and have also announced that the world featured in Tom Clancy’s The Division will be constantly connected to a wider online universe.

With stellar graphics and controls that take advantage of the SmartGlass app, The Division look set to show us what next-gen gaming is going to be all about.

The Division takes real life inspiration into viral outbreak plot

The Division will be a multiplayer based third person tactical shooter action set in a Tom Clancy universe. There will also be single-player action as players play out a story that is based on a test virus outbreak gone wrong.


It is a tried and true narrative that has been used before not least in the Last of Us and of course all of the Resident Evil games but The Division is set to tackle the subject from a new and refreshing perspective.

The pandemic starts when infected bank notes are circulated during black Friday sales which lead to the president invoking Directive 51 – a real life legislation that was passed in 2007 – and pitting the specialist group simply known as the Division to save what remains.


As part of the group you must slow down the outbreak by clearing out those who are infected despite their innocence in order to slow down the deadly outbreak – and this can be done in single-player, co-op or multiplayer mode.

Familiar tactical combat set to return in latest Tom Clancy game

Those who have played and previous Tom Clancy games will be pretty familiar with the third person tactical and cover based action that takes prominence in the games. It is all set to return in The Division but with new MMO like elements added in to liven things up and refresh the gameplay.


With an emphasis on building skills and using an individual’s strengths now a priority you can play with up to four squad members at a time.

In what likes like superb use of the Xbox SmartGlass app one squad member will be able to take control of drones, launch air strikes mark enemies and heal players along with assisting from a birds eye view point all from their smartphone or tablet. This is definitely cool use of the SmartGlass app and something we would like to see more games take advantage of.


Tom Clancy’s The Division set for release in 2014

The Division impressed everyone at the recent E3 expo and was one of the few games that commentators noted simply could not be done on the current generation .With and intriguing plot unique controls, amazing graphics and an always online open world set in a post crisis New York the game is set to give us an indication of where the new generation of gaming is heading – and it’s looking pretty good to us.


Tom Clancy’s The Division is slated for an 2014 release so keep tuned as more information is revealed.

Published: Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 Last Modified: June 26, 2013

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